Being the Wife of an Artist and Entrepreneur

Oh, where to begin? When I first met and fell in love with Tyler, we were just kids who hadn't even graduated high school. Although we were so young, we felt our love was more substantial than anything in the world. We both needed each other in different ways at that time and even now. Being able to be by Tyler's side for the past eight years as he has grown to be an extraordinary artist and entrepreneur has been nothing short of amazing to witness. Based on all the pictures and recanted memories he has shared with me, I can tell you he was born with the gift of creating inspiring art that is nothing short of insanely awesome. However, it has been in recent years that I have witnessed his confidence in himself blossom to where I always felt it should be. His dedication to this creative outlet is not only inspiring but also makes me fall that much more in love with him. I will not lie to you, the hours upon hours glued to his iPad and pencil, paint, charcoal, and any other art form imaginable can be taxing, but the joy it brings him and the utter amazement I feel when I see the completed product is worth it. While I am not nearly as talented as Tyler, for me, he has done what Vaughngogh Art's mission states, "Encourage creativity, passion, and imagination." I hope that anyone who ventures onto Vaughngogh Arts experiences that same feeling.
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